Tyre Cord Fishing Net

Tyre Cord Fishing Net

Tyre cords are high tensile-strength cords, used as reinforcing material to bolster the strength of vehicle tyres (tires). Our Tyre Cord nets are made with strong, high tenacity Polyester or Nylon yarn. They are dipped in special resin to make the nets stiff and firm. Tyre Cord fishing nets are mostly used for deep sea fishing.

Production information

Brand Lion
Certification ISO9001:2008
Manufactured by Farid Nets Ltd
Daily Avarage production 5 Tons

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Technical Specification

Material NYLON or Polyester
Style Multifilament
Knot Type Non-slip Single or Double
Thread 1000D/2ply - 1500D/3ply
Twist Any TPM
Mesh Size 12mm to 300mm
Depth 520MD
Selvage Thick
Yarn Breaking Strength 8 g/Denier
Color Any Color
Feature High Strength

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