Product Specification

Tyre Cord Net

Category: NET

Sub-Category: FISHING NET

Description: Description: Tyre cord twine is used for tyre/ tire & known for its strong strength. It is dipped in one special kind of resin to make the nets stiff. It is usually good for deep sea fishing.

Product Specification:

  • Knot - Single Knot or Double Knot
  • Yarn- Nylon/Polyester Multifilament
  • Twine - 1000D/2ply - 1500D/3ply
  • Twist- Any TPM
  • Stretching- Depth/Length way
  • Mesh Size - 12mm to 300mm
  • Depth- 520 meshes
  • Length- Any Length
  • Selvage- Gathered
  • Breaking Strength- 8 gram/Denier
  • Color – Any Color