Relax Mats has introduced an exclusive collection of Plastic Mat products. Along with Modern, Elegant designs Relax Mats has also introduced various types of products including Floor mats, Prayer Mats, Sleeping Mats, Wallpapers etc.

Beauty & Protection of your wall is now a matter of minutes

Design | Quality | Comfort

Relax Mats is a Brand name - introduced by SRIHA COOL MAT INDUSTRIES, the largest manufacturer of Plastic Mat products in Bangladesh. After more than 12 years of experience in manufacturing Plastic mats, Sriha Cool Mat, which is a concern of Farid Group launched Relax Mats for introducing various types of plastic mat products focusing elegant designs, premium quality & wide range of usability for the customers. Relax Mats is dedicated to combine elegant designs, higher quality extra comfort in all types of Plastic Mat products. We try to make a better version of  your daily use household products. We believe in simple solutions for enhancing beauty and comfort.

Floor Mats

A huge collection of premium designs & elegant colors. Relax Floor mats are waterproof, light weight and long-lasting. These floor mats are suitable everywhere.

Prayer Mats

Foam padded, water resistant & long lasting Relax Prayer Mats are designed to provide extra comfort during long & frequent prayers. High-quality PE foam ensures and reduces pressure on muscles & bones during prayer.

Sleeping Mats

Relax Sleeping Mats are specially designed to sleep on the floor. These highly comfortable floor mattresses are light weight, foldable & easily portable. So you can make a bed only when you need one.

Plastic Wallpaper

Relax plastic wallpaper is a revolutionary wall decorating solution. These sticker-type wallpapers can be installed easily and they are waterproof, damp-proof & long lasting then any other types of wall decorating items.