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With over 40 years of experience, Farid Group is the leading manufacturer of the Net, Twine & Rope industry in Bangladesh. We are now producing more than 40 types of netting & twine products using German and Japanese Technology & machineries. We are also the largest manufacturer of plastic mats and soft shell crabs in Bangladesh

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40 years of manufacturing experience

Supplier of 75% net & twine products in Bangladesh

3500+ skilled workers and employees

1.5 million sq feets area of production facilities

Producing 15 tons of Ropes every day

Producing 12 tons of Polyester & HDPE Nets every day

Producing 2 tons of Plastic Mats every day

Using German & Japanese technology & machinery

Our Products

Quality is our first priority. Our products are known for their high quality and maximum usability

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Net Products

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Twine & Ropes

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Plastic Mats

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Soft Shell Crab

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Our Fishing Nets

fishing net items
Multifilament gill net

Nylon/ Polyester Multifilament fishing nets

We produce high strength Nylon/Polyester multifilament fishing nets, which are mostly used for gill net fishing. Our multifilament gill nets are appreciated for their attributes of excellent breaking strength, high abrasive strength & perfectly tightened knots. These nets can be customized as per buyer's requirements and available in non-slip single or double knot.

hdpe gill net

HDPE fishing nets

Our PE or HDPE fishing nets are made from HDPE granules using High Tech Extrusion line. Each product is subjected to rigorous tests for weather ability. Beside HDPE fishing nets, we also produce HDPE nets for vast range of netting applications, such as; Fencing nets, Vegetable nets, Poultry nets, Construction safety nets, etc.

Tyre cord fishing net

Tyre Cord fishing nets

Tyre cords are high tensile-strength cords, used as reinforcing material to bolster the strength of vehicle tyres (tires). Our Tyre Cord nets are made with strong, high tenacity Polyester or Nylon yarn. They are dipped in special resin to make the nets stiff and firm. Tyre Cord fishing nets are mostly used for deep sea fishing.

Our Twine & Rope products

twine and rope items
PP Danline Rope

PP Danline Rope

Danline rope is made of finest polypropylene fiber & we are one of the most distinguished manufacturers of PP Danline rope in Bangladesh. We are counted most dependable suppliers of PP Danline ropes due to absolute stability & strength of our rope.These products are offered within high affordable price. Our PP Danline ropes are used for various applications in fishing, shipping and also used as mooring ropes & heavy industrial handling.

hdpe rope

HDPE Twine & Rope

Our HDPE ropes are made of complete virgin, high density polyethylene. These ropes are ā€œzā€ twist, medium laid, 3 stand ropes. We are prime manufacturer of an exclusive assortment of HDPE Ropes in Bangladesh. These precision-engineered ropes feature optimum abrasion resistance & improved durability.

Tiger Rope

Tiger Rope

Tiger Ropes combine a higher breaking strength, dimensional stability at an economical price. It has been produced keeping in mind its various applications in fishing, shipping, mooring ropes and for heavy industrial handling. 4-strand ropes are used to add further strength.

Household Rope

Multi-purpose Mini Packet Ropes

Our multipurpose Mini Packet plastic Ropes are suitable for all kinds of common household necessities. These ropes are UV protected and don't get damaged in sunlight. 100% water resistant PE ropes dont get damaged in water. Mini packet ropes are available in 4 different sizes and various colors.

Our Plastic Mats

plastic mats
sriha cool mat

Sriha Cool Mat

Our Plastic mats are used for a wide range of applications like floor decoration, sleeping mat, sitting mat, home prayer mat(namaz mat/ janamaz/ namazi), masjid prayer mat, outdoor sitting mat, camping mat, beach mat and many others. Sriha cool Mat products have different types of variations according to design, color, size and application.