HDPE Fishing Net

HDPE Fishing Net

Our PE Nets are made from HDPE granules using High Tech Extrusion line. Each product is subjected to rigorous tests for weather ability. Beside HDPE fishing nets, we also produce HDPE nets for vast range of netting applications, such as; Fencing nets, Vegetable nets, Poultry nets, Construction safety nets, etc.

Production information

Brand Lion
Certification ISO9001:2008
Manufactured by Farid Twine & Rope Ltd
Daily Avarage production 5 Tons

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Technical Specification

Material HDPE
Knot Type Non-slip Single or Double
Thread 320D/1ply - 320D/50ply
Twist Any TPM
Mesh Size 10MM-400MM
Depth 850MD
Selvage Gathered
Yarn Breaking Strength 5.5 g/Denier
Color Any Color
Feature High Strength

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