Nylon/Polyester Multifilament Fishing Net

Nylon/Polyester Multifilament Fishing Net

We produce high strength Nylon/Polyester multifilament fishing nets, which are appreciated for the attributes of excellent breaking strength, high abrasive strength & perfectly tightened knots. These nets can be customized as per buyer's requirements and available in non-slip single or double knot.

Production information

Brand Lion
Certification ISO9001:2008
Manufactured by Farid Nets Ltd
Daily Avarage production 5 Tons

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Technical Specification

Material Nylon or Polyester
Style Multifilament
Knot Type Non-slip Single or Double
Thread 210D/2ply-75ply
Twist Any TPM
Mesh Size 10MM-400MM
Depth 850MD
Selvage Thick
Yarn Breaking Strength 8.5 g/Denier
Color Any Color
Feature High Strength

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