mini packet rope

Multipurpose Mini Packet Rope

Our multipurpose Mini Packet plastic Ropes are suitable for all kinds of household necessities. These high stregnth and long lasting PE monofilament ropes are made from virgin High-Density Polyethylene or HDPE materials. Our PE ropes are UV protected and don't get damaged in sunlight. 100% water resistant PE ropes dont get damaged in water.
Our mini packet ropes are available in 4 different sizes and various colors.

Common applications


Sizes and specifications of Mini Packet Rope products

Size Legnth Stregnth
2mm 50 feet 50 KG
3mm 40 feet 123 KG
4mm 30 feet 185 KG
5mm 25 feet 283 KG

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*Minimum Order Quantity - 50 Dozen

*Minimum Order Quantity - 1 x 20ft Container

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