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Sriha cool mat, a concern of Farid Group is the first large-scale manufacturer of PP plastic mats in Bangladesh. Sriha Cool Mat was established in 2007 and now it's PP flat yarn plastic mats (shital pati or chatai) and PP straw mats have become a common house-hold item everywhere in Bangladesh. We are the first manufacturer, supplier and exporter of highly comfortable and long lasting PP flat yarn mats in India and Bangladesh. Our Plastic mats are used for a wide range of applications like floor decoration, sleeping mat, sitting mat, home prayer mat(namaz mat/ janamaz/ namazi), masjid prayer mat, outdoor sitting mat, camping mat, beach mat and many others. Sriha cool Mat products have different types of variations according to design, color, size and application. These mats are not only popular in local market, but also attracted international users in diffferent countries around the world.

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Our Plastic Mats

In order to meet the individual needs of clients, Sriha Cool Mat industry maintains a wide range of product variety. At Sriha Cool Mat industry, we are continually expanding upon our knowledge and services to assist clients with successfully innovating new design. PP mat is manufactured by using virgin polypropylene granules along with low density polyethylene.


  • Soft & Comfortable
  • Washable
  • Flexible
  • Durable & long lasting
  • Various colors & elegan designs


  • Floor mat
  • Sitting mat
  • Sleeping mat
  • Beach Mat
  • Prayer Mat(janamaz or namazi)
  • Outdoor Mat

Regular products, sizes & applications

Product Size Applications
Cool Mat (Shital Pati)-Large 6ft x 7ft Sitting mat, Sleeping mat, Home decoration, plastic carpet, Outdoor mat
Cool Mat (Shital Pati)-Medium 5ft x 7 ft Sitting mat, Sleeping mat, Home decoration, plastic carpet, Outdoor mat, camping mat
Cool Mat (Shital Pati)-Small 4ft x 6ft Sitting mat, Sleeping mat, Home decoration, plastic carpet, Outdoor mat, camping mat
Muslim Prayer Mat 4ft x 2ft Janamaz, Namazi, Namaz mat, indoor and outdoor prayer mat
Masjid Prayer Mat 4ft x (upto)300ft Foldable long prayer mat (namaz mat) for mosques, indoor and outdoor namaz mat for masjid, Eidgah, Eid namaz
Camping Mat 6ft x 3ft Folable travel mat, Hajj mat, camping mat, outdoor rest mat
CUSTOM ORDER Width: 1ft to 7ft
Legnth: Upto 300ft
Any application

Plastic Mat Speciality

Our premium quality Plastic Mats come with excellent features and appealing designs. These strong, long lasting mats are made from virgin PP or Polypropylene. They are easy to clean, wash and fold. Our Mats are soft and comfortable. Sriha Cool Mat products are trendy and sofisticated version of traditional cool mats or shital pati in Bangladesh. . These Designer Mats are sternly tested on a variety of parameters and are available at very reasonable prices.

Beside fulfilling nationwide demands, we also export our plastic mats with different dimensional accuracy, added flexibility, superior dust resistance and softness. Our products are highly appreciated by both local and international customers. Our PP mats are suitable for any climate and weather around the world.

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